Yianni Stamas Gives his Thoughts regarding How We Can Save NYC Together

Three Other Blogs where the Word is Being Spread

Hi. Yianni speaking. At this moment here in New York City, I am honored to be on three other blogs at the same time which are USA Make a Difference, NYC Housing Lottery, and Over 50 USA. There are two topics that I have been asked to quickly talk about. Topic one is getting out the message that NYC artists need affordable housing so they can focus on making art that in turn all of us can enjoy. Topic two is to build awareness around the mission that is also is the domain name of this website which is to Save NYC Together.

Taking on Violence

Two of the most destructive forces we face together in NYC are the pandemic and the considerable increase in violence in our streets. As I mentioned on one of the other blogs is that a few days ago, less than a block away from where I live, someone was shot and killed. There have been many shootings and deaths here, including those that occurred directly across the street from our home. Pretty much every day in our neighborhood, either a shooting or attack or both occur. How do we save NYC together from ongoing violence like this? Part of the solution I believe is to stop tolerating it. Spread the word to others in your neighborhood either digitally or in-person. The more awareness that is built among neighbors, the better. And be sure to let your feelings be communicated to local politicians and others who are paid to maintain peace and quality of life. It is their job. Make them do their job.

Taking on the Pandemic

As you likely know, the new COVID variant known as Delta, is much more contagious and agile than former strains. That is the bad news. The good news is that the pandemic can be gotten better under control, if our fellow Americans are willing to help save the lives of others and maybe even themselves. Here is how: get the vaccine. It is as simple as that. If everyone gets the vaccine, we can achieve herd immunity which is the only way we will be able to make a difference. So, it is my and your job to spread the word to those who may have not yet gotten the vaccine because they do not realize that by not getting vaccinated, they are participating in killing people every day.

When it Comes to COVID and Violence, Use Your Options

I am a dad and monitor the safe passage of my child to school here in our Manhattan community. A discovery has been made that, at least for today in NYC, busses can be a safer method of transportation. They are convenient too. Depending on how far you must travel, taking a bus can have a better result getting you where you want to be on time, as opposed to subways. That said though, more and more of good New Yorkers are taking the subway, and its stigma will soon be broken.

You Are What You Think

Repeatedly throughout the years, we hear that how we think will affect our outcomes. And this makes sense. If you have a negative state of mind about something, clearly you will be less likely to take positive action. Just a thought. And maybe it will reoccur later. Or maybe not. But just having a thought, no matter how fleeting, can be a part of us being able to Save NYC Together.

Updates on the Revolution Within

Learn from the “rearview mirror” but start afresh.

A Cause that is Building Momentum

We believe that all those who consider themselves New Yorkers and continue to do so, can all be a part of making a difference in New York City. If you would like to join the “Save NYC Together” mission, all that is required is that you be mindful of being a part of the “solution” and not the “problem.”

3 of Nearly 60 Blogs

Sadly, it is easy to become a part of the problem, by pointing out what is wrong with our beloved NYC without also providing suggestions or taking action steps to bring NYC t back to life. We are in synch with 3 of the nearly 60 blogs of the Blog Coalition. These sites include “USA Make a Difference”, “Over 50 USA” and “Home Business Achievers.”


It is our hope is that with publications like the 3 mentioned, New Yorkers can continue to grow their internal commitment and belief that NYC can rebound in a whole new way. Some say that “you are what you think” and we believe this to be true due to the fact that studies have shown that just having a positive outlook about something can make all the difference.

What is Next for New York City?

Which Way to Go in NYC?

Grit Your Teeth if You Live in Manhattan

Yes, of course we can save New York City. But it is not going to be the original New York that we all knew and loved. Broadway Theater will be different, the Arts Scene will change, as well as will the personal definition of being a New Yorker. For those of us who do not have the money to be able to have a second home somewhere else, we are in the unique position of facing straight up how we will group together, grit our teeth, and together bring this city back to life.

Closing Down

Having recently been recently in Time Square, near where my wife and I lived on 42nd Street, things have indeed changed. One can look at the recent dropping of the ball ceremony for ushering in the New Year and see how things have shifted there. We live further uptown now but have great nostalgia for how we used to have to fight our way through the numerous tourists who slowed down the walking traffic. They would literally stop and look up. If only Manhattan, NY had the draw it once had. The 5 star hotels are empty, some lybraries are closing down, and all 5 boroughs are being impacted.

Charter Schools

Another big change is in schools. Many of the public schools are still offering remote learning as a choice even though some institutions are now providing in-person education. Thank goodness for charter schools which are open to New York kids. Although on certain television programs they are talking about the harm that distance learning has on young people, the fact is that our 12 year old daughter is thriving in terms of her experience of being a part of a remote charter school community.


There is also COVID-19 and its new incarnations which are driving people indoors. As a family, we have not ventured out together more than a few times in the last 10 months. We documented our first 100 days in an online diary/blog. In many ways the Coronavirus is more deadly than it was back then. Though, vaccines are being developed and are available at the time of this writing, to seniors and front line workers.

Stay Safe

So this is a message to those of us who are still living in the city. Let’s not forget what our beautiful city used to be, but also accept that the new NYC will be very different than the old one. The experiences we have been going through due to COVID and other triggers, are destined to have a long term difference even after the Pandemic ends. Communicate with your neighbors both online and off. Stay safe as we Save NYC Together!

And So It Begins

Two Dead

Where are the doves? The city is afraid. Its children are crying. There is the fear of traveling from one part of the city to the other because those who feel they have not been treated well, pull out their guns as happened outside of our apartment with two dead.

Gang Walls

What was once a simple subway destination to meet a doctor now has to be done carefully since we are a target now. There is so much anger and so much violence. The gangs are feeling the pain and are at each other’s throats more than they ever have been.

A Child Present Makes it No More Different

But all I want to do is to meet a physician. The irony is that in the process of getting there could mean more bodily harm than the condition I am in and the reason for the visit. So what is one to do? The goal is to save nyc together. I gulp. I know I must do this. And I look at my options. The place is in midtown near where we use to live. I could take the 1 or A train, with the 1 train can be closer to my destination, but that is a an unsafe train because it is filled with angry people who do not even care if a child is present.

Something is Brewing Just Below the Surface

I experienced that with my daughter when riding the 1 before. He came up to me, got into my face saying I was a Christian and didn’t worship the right god. At the next stop I got off of the train with my daughter and moved to another car. Thankfully he didn’t follow us but it was close. The A train has become more dangerous and going to midtown via the close Metro North has a station that has many pissed off people ready to take a sacrificial lamb, There’s always the fast bus as opposed to the short one. So much pain, so much anger, we have a long time until peace come to the city we love. A civil war is brewing

Save NYC Together

Save NYC Together

It is the most important cause for those who still live in New York CIty and did not bail with all the rich people: Save NYC Together.

The Website Creation Process

So how do we get the word out? A website is a great place to start. So we created a site that would represent the mission of: Save NYC Together.

Finding a Designer

But what domain name do we use for such a cause? SaveNYCtogether.com of course! So to design the logo I got one of the best designers I know: my 12 year old daughter!