More Gun Crime than Ever in Our Upper Manhattan Neighborhood

Entertainment is One of the Keys

For those of us who live in Manhattan NYC, we see a New York that is getting better, quickly. Some cracks in the sidewalk of recovery, doable. Entertainment holds the key to getting the city back together again. We used to live on West 42nd Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues and would get rather frustrated with tourists, especially in Times Square. Individuals from all over the world, would just stop walking to look skyward toward at one thing or another. It would get annoying because it was not just one person stopping that you could walk around. It was often a pack of people, three or more persons wide. And it was a regular thing. Seven years of having to stop and start when walking, several times during a walk. In retrospect though, I could have been more understanding and grateful for people from all over the globe came to our city and spent money, making a prospering economy. And entertainment is key because one of the biggest NYC attractions is Broadway Theater. Plus New Yorkers are getting out of their homes more often. There is an ever-growing base of individuals who are meeting at places of business. This is having a positive result.

New York City Violence

Unfortunately, the violence continues. Especially those of us who live in wonderful neighborhoods but still have some of the highest crime percentages. Myself and others voted for the current mayor, doing so with the hope that he, being a former police officer, might be able to curb shootings, stabbings, and other types of death in broad daylight. The problem with daylight shootings is that if you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you as a passerby could get the bullet instead of the target. And this is happening every now and then. Do we see a difference in our neighborhood in Manhattan since our new Mayor took office? Not really. Though, one positive does exist, which is that we are seeing a higher number of police cars in our area. Is it this making crime crumble? Not at the moment but time will tell.

The word “Together” is an Important One in the Name of this Site: “Save NYC Together”

The NYC mayor, when seen in the media, speaks about fraud and theft and how its existence brings with it violence as well. But it is clear to those of us who reside in sections of New York City that have higher rates of bold crime in the night of day, are often not seeing the same amount of protection than those in areas of wealth. It is the age-old problem that rich people can afford to live in better places regarding violence. Whereas the neighborhoods where there is less money coming in, tend to not get equal treatment. What is the solution? The solution is all our responsibility. It does not mean that you must become an activist, but it does include sharing it with others as well as letting those in government who are in the neighborhood know about the problems. These conversations can be solution oriented. And even though local government may not initially help to curb problems, they will eventually if their position remaining is at stake.

The Trash and Crime Connection

It is interesting the connection between crime and litter on the streets. It is a catch twenty-two, how do you get rid of trash when there is such crime? But similarly, crime leads to litter. Unfortunately, many people remain in Manhattan with the belief that trash, and crime is not their problem. In neighborhoods where tax dollars are less than in wealthier ones, there is ironically a kind of entitlement that is usually only accused of regarding the rich. But people who are not made of money can feel entitled also. They often thing that it is their right to throw down just about any kind of trash you can imagine including uneaten meals, fast food bags, bags or garbage and so on. Folks with less moolah feel very entitled to throw this, that and the other, on the pavement and streets when doing their late night partying. I am not quite certain what goes through their head to throw down trash rather then put it in a garbage receptacle? The individuals doing this are not hoodlums but people from within the local community. To them we ask “Do you want less crime? Pick up your trash! Apparently studies have shown that when garbage is spread all over the streets and sidewalks it is more enticing of crime. We can save NYC together. Rather than throwing your Big Mac wrapper on the ground, consider dropping it into a trash can! That small act is itself helping to curb violence and live in better conditions!

Subway Problems

Subways are worse than they have been in years. Those who commit crimes as well as the homeless population are finding the subway stations a wonderful place to hang out. The criminals are finding that crime does pay, and that the subway is a terrific place for them to prove this. Also, violence with no motivation, is to push passengers in front of the train as it approaches. Many New Yorkers who know about this, stay further away from the tracks. And the homeless population has appeared to multiply. It is common on the train to see a homeless person stretched out across the length of three seats. Especially when the train is packed with people, this can be disconcerting. But it does not end there, an additional problem seems to be that some riders enjoy the comfort of being seated while have their feet and dirty shous taking up an extra sit with their feet out in front of them.

Where are the Online Tips?

The police on one of the .gov offers up crime prevention tips. A link to these tips is not included here because when you click to see the tips, there are no tips except for a couple of links with no text describing if these are tips or just random links. And again, a link to take you to the tips is offered up. But when you click on it, you are merely taken back to the page you were on prior. Around and around in circles without any information, bad or good, being revealed. Who produces these tips that do not exist? Is it possible to have a checklist? And even a checklist that, rather than just the usual generic safety tips, gives tips that are specific to New York and the action you can take to alert the city, putting pressure on politicians who want to be reelected? Oops, regarding tips, looking back at the site again there are some tips if you scroll to the bottom where you can see in the PDF format fliers that do have some tips on them!

Get Out and Vote, Now Without the Long Lines!

Early voting is going on in the city right now. Few people in our neighborhood are taking advantage of this and as a result it is not the craze of people packed together that it usually is. It was a pleasant experience yesterday. There were only two or so tables of those to look you up on their computer, but this did not matter since at the time we voted there were 2 or 3 people voting. The number of employees doubled and even tripled, the amount of those voting. Get out and vote New York! That is a big way we can all “Save NYC Together.”

A Tidbit More on Crime

Did you know that as of months ago that major crime has increased in our city by more than 40%?! And you can feel this increase on the streets. In our neighborhood there are fresh faces, not the diverse community of neighbors you usually see. Arguments are louder with the visitors as though they want to be heard, seeking validation.

And More Crime

Some facts. Gun crime is up by the highest amounts than New York City has seen since at least the 1800s. Yikes. And of targeted violence, from the streets it looks like gang members shooting at each other, often causing murder. We see a murder in our neighborhood about every two to three weeks. Regarding gun violence and stabbings that do not involve someone being killed only wounded, these occur once, sometimes twice, a week. Often, they are happening right around the corner from us.

What Can We Do?

All of us here in Manhattan, the Big Apple, have the responsibility to let politicians and city workers know of the violence issues and ask them for tips on how to bring down the number. It is important when asking questions of those who work for the city that they feel supported and not just criticized. Their jobs are not easy and even if they do not live here, they are still a part of the community!