And So It Begins

Two Dead

Where are the doves? The city is afraid. Its children are crying. There is the fear of traveling from one part of the city to the other because those who feel they have not been treated well, pull out their guns as happened outside of our apartment with two dead.

Gang Walls

What was once a simple subway destination to meet a doctor now has to be done carefully since we are a target now. There is so much anger and so much violence. The gangs are feeling the pain and are at each other’s throats more than they ever have been.

A Child Present Makes it No More Different

But all I want to do is to meet a physician. The irony is that in the process of getting there could mean more bodily harm than the condition I am in and the reason for the visit. So what is one to do? The goal is to save nyc together. I gulp. I know I must do this. And I look at my options. The place is in midtown near where we use to live. I could take the 1 or A train, with the 1 train can be closer to my destination, but that is a an unsafe train because it is filled with angry people who do not even care if a child is present.

Something is Brewing Just Below the Surface

I experienced that with my daughter when riding the 1 before. He came up to me, got into my face saying I was a Christian and didn’t worship the right god. At the next stop I got off of the train with my daughter and moved to another car. Thankfully he didn’t follow us but it was close. The A train has become more dangerous and going to midtown via the close Metro North has a station that has many pissed off people ready to take a sacrificial lamb, There’s always the fast bus as opposed to the short one. So much pain, so much anger, we have a long time until peace come to the city we love. A civil war is brewing