Building Back New York City: One Viewpoint

Our Lives, Our Jobs, Our Careers, Some People are Interconnected in the Big Apple with an Unspoken Commitment to Save NYC Together In a recent Platinum PIAs post regarding life in New York, a story was told regarding Yianni Stamas, who was trying to fix a community problem that negatively impacted people who lived in […]

SECRET HOW to Become Known as an Expert in Your Field

The SECRET HOW to Become Known as an “Expert in Your Industry The SECRET HOW to become known as an “Expert in Your Field” is really no secret at all, which makes it all the more secret. In plain sight is the best place to hide something, unless you have no idea where it is, […]

A Rocky Road? Yes. But We Can Still Save NYC Together

More Gun Crime than Ever in Our Upper Manhattan Neighborhood Entertainment is One of the Keys For those of us who live in Manhattan NYC, we see a New York that is getting better, quickly. Some cracks in the sidewalk of recovery, doable. Entertainment holds the key to getting the city back together again. We […]

New York is Still New York

Moving Forward Save NYC Together? New York City is being saved by New Yorkers who contribute to the saving process by just being themselves and slowly coming out of COVID mode and engaging instead in the act of moving forward. And helping with this process is having a METHOD HOW to get the word out […]

We Are Still Here and Going Strong

Caught Up in Helping the Big Apple Just a quick check in to let you know we are still moving forward with the big dreams we have for our city. In fact, you might even say we are so caught up in doing our best to help to “Save NYC Together,” that ironically the blog […]

“Save New York together” is What New Mayor Eric Adams Said Last Night

Last night when I saw Eric Adams’ speech touching on the tragedy of police officers being shot, he literally said what we have known all along as being the true key. There is, as he put it, a need to: “…Save New York together.” A mission aligned with our own, and that of other New […]

Happy New Year’s Eve as We Soon will be Entering 2022. A New Year Can Mean New Hope! The “Save NYC Together” Movement has as Honorary Members, Every New Yorker in the 5 Burroughs of New York City who Wants to Promote Positivity in the Greatest City in the World, via Evolving Tool Kits for an Ever-Growing Campaign, to Promote an Upcoming and Inspiring Virtual Event

What is “Digital Transformation” and Why Should You Care? If done correctly, Digital Transformation can change your business model for the better as well as offer low and no cost tools available online. We will get to describing the facets in a bit, but first, following this section, we are going to show you a […]

Yianni Stamas Gives his Thoughts regarding How We Can Save NYC Together

Three Other Blogs where the Word is Being Spread Hi. Yianni speaking. Topic one is getting out the message that NYC artists need affordable housing so they can focus on making art that in turn all of us can enjoy. Topic two is to build awareness around the mission that is also is the domain […]

Updates on the Revolution Within

A Cause that is Building Momentum We believe that all those who consider themselves New Yorkers and continue to do so, can all be a part of making a difference in New York City. If you would like to join the “Save NYC Together” mission, all that is required is that you be mindful of […]