The Impulse to Help

When you live in New York City and travel through Manhattan by foot on a daily basis you see both the very privileged and those who desperately require financial help on the streets, in the subway and other experiences. And sometimes even within a few feet of each other. And yet the richer get richer […]

Save NYC Together Perspective

Any large city has problems on an ongoing basis that need saving. And New York City is no different. The good news about the concept to save NYC together, is that the more of us who love and live in the Big Apple and in turn make a commitment to help our home, the better […]

Save NYC Together by Helping Businesses to Make a Community

Introduction: The Heartbeat of the City Uniting New York City with a corporate community revival? NYC, often hailed as the epitome of the American dream, thrives on the pulsating energy of its businesses. From the iconic skyline adorned with corporate offices to the charming streets lined with mom-and-pop shops, businesses are the lifeblood of NYC. […]

“Can we “Save NYC Together” by Empowering Communities Through App Creation?”

If you would like information like this on AI Marketing YOU and your business or entrepreneurial venture then subscribe now for free to the Daily AI Marketing Newsletter from the “Ask AI Guy.” Amidst the bustling neighborhoods of New York City, where challenges are as diverse as its people, there lies an opportunity to “Save […]

“Build and Bond: Save NYC Together with Open AI”

The power of personal stories and shared experiences cannot be overstated in creating a strong sense of community and shared purpose. Organizations like “Save NYC Together,” for instance, can draw strength from the individuals behind the initiative, whose dedication and resilience can inspire others to get involved. Consider, for instance, a community-led environmental initiative. Featuring […]

Save NYC Together by Using the AI Power of Testimonials

New York City, a global hub of commerce, culture, and innovation, has faced its share of adversities over the years. Yet, the indomitable spirit of its inhabitants never wavers. It is this kind of commitment and innovation that brought about avatars like the “Ask AI Guy” and his books, services and community, like “AI Get […]

With COVID Officially Over Big Plans for a Big City

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on New York City, with the city being one of the hardest hit areas in the world. However, the city has shown remarkable resilience, and a group called “Save NYC Together” played a significant role in this recovery. Their efforts have helped to minimize the pandemic’s impact on […]

NYC Success

Save NYC Together is a relatively new blog that has quickly gained attention for its advocacy to engage in the preservation of not only New York City, but cities all across America facing challenges. This can be something as simple as helping others to take a look at the power of digital to do things […]

METHOD HOW to Run a City Like a Business

Of course a city and a company are two very different things. And our new mayor is a former police officer which had many of us here in the Big Apple excited. Unfortunately, as of this writing, crime has gotten worse by 20%. And as someone who lives in what is considered by some to […]