Some Neighborhoods in NYC are Worse Now than Before COVD

Our Lives, Our Jobs, Our Careers, Some People are Interconnected in the Big Apple with an Unspoken Commitment to Save NYC Together

In a recent Platinum PIAs post regarding life in New York, a story was told regarding Yianni Stamas, who was trying to fix a community problem that negatively impacted people who lived in an apartment building. And since the issue involved public sidewalks and streets there was the need to communicate with the city. But several calls to 311 bore no fruit, And the problem continued as it had been for several years. It was not until thinking outside of the box paired with a little luck, finally provided a solution. The scenario is evidence of how New Yorkers have had to take things into their own hands.

Those who call NYC home are still sometimes in the position of having to protect in a way that those running the city, although it is their job, simply do not solve important problems sometimes. It appears that with some issues in New York, they are not dealt with by the civil servants until the story gets dire enough that it begins to get media coverage. At which point they will jump in front of the camera being “modest” about their good deeds. But in some neighbor hoods, there are residents who do not get enough coverage to maintain any quality of life. Now we here at Save NYC Together also have goals of thinking outside of the box regarding what needs to be done for our great city.

COVID has cause life and death problems all across the world. And New York was no different. About 33.33 are still wearing masks (not based on data, but a wild guess) and every day that one ventures out of home or work and takes public transportation or is in an enclosed city building, COVID reminds us of its existence.

Overall there are some positive as well as negative stories regarding the build back of NYC. In some neighborhoods such as ours there is more violence now than pre Coronavirus. Meanwhile, we here in the Big Apple are building back quickly with the help of sites like Save NYC Together which rings true with concepts like “New York is Still New York!” The save NYC together group which involves the participation from Yianni Stamas and many others.