Yianni Stamas Gives his Thoughts regarding How We Can Save NYC Together

Three Other Blogs where the Word is Being Spread Hi. Yianni speaking. Topic one is getting out the message that NYC artists need affordable housing so they can focus on making art that in turn all of us can enjoy. Topic two is to build awareness around the mission that is also is the domain […]

What is Next for New York City?

Grit Your Teeth if You Live in Manhattan Yes, of course we can save New York City. But it is not going to be the original New York that we all knew and loved. Broadway Theater will be different, the Arts Scene will change, as well as will the personal definition of being a New […]

Getting Ready for 2021

October 1st is when this site is launched, but its full mission will not be started in its entirety until January 1, 2021.