Updates on the Revolution Within

Learn from the “rearview mirror” but start afresh.

A Cause that is Building Momentum

We believe that all those who consider themselves New Yorkers and continue to do so, can all be a part of making a difference in New York City. If you would like to join the “Save NYC Together” mission, all that is required is that you be mindful of being a part of the “solution” and not the “problem.”

3 of Nearly 60 Blogs

Sadly, it is easy to become a part of the problem, by pointing out what is wrong with our beloved NYC without also providing suggestions or taking action steps to bring NYC t back to life. We are in synch with 3 of the nearly 60 blogs of the Blog Coalition. These sites include “USA Make a Difference”, “Over 50 USA” and “Home Business Achievers.”


It is our hope is that with publications like the 3 mentioned, New Yorkers can continue to grow their internal commitment and belief that NYC can rebound in a whole new way. Some say that “you are what you think” and we believe this to be true due to the fact that studies have shown that just having a positive outlook about something can make all the difference.

Save NYC Together

Save NYC Together

It is the most important cause for those who still live in New York CIty and did not bail with all the rich people: Save NYC Together.

The Website Creation Process

So how do we get the word out? A website is a great place to start. So we created a site that would represent the mission of: Save NYC Together.

Finding a Designer

But what domain name do we use for such a cause? SaveNYCtogether.com of course! So to design the logo I got one of the best designers I know: my 12 year old daughter!