What is “Digital Transformation” and Why Should You Care?

If done correctly, Digital Transformation can change your business model for the better as well as offer low and no cost tools available online. We will get to describing the facets in a bit, but first, following this section, we are going to show you a number of the reasons why “Save NYC Together,” needs your assistance if you are a New Yorker or anyone, in any part of the world, who loves NYC.

An Unfortunately Covid and Violence Context of an Urban Environments

Save NYC Together is a community-based volunteer run organization that is actively engaged in assisting with helping to build back New York City after it was hit hard, and continues to be challenged with, Covid and its evolving variants.

Drama in the Streets of Washington Heights and Inwood

Sadly, the chaos continues though, especially now that Omicron has made its entrance from the wings and is now centerstage under the spotlight. Plus, unfortunately for those of us who live in certain Northern Manhattan neighborhoods, we experience a level of violence that is just getting worse. The two Vs, Violence and Vaccine, are the Deadly Duo.

A Shared Wish for Happiness

Not that it is any consolation, but the primary participants of the violence seem to be members of rival gangs. The hope is that by digitally sharing these elements, awareness will build, and the more people who we let know of the Vs, the more individuals there will be who become community advocates and activists.

Digital Transformation is Not just a Game Changer for the “Save NYC Together” Movement, but Can Help You, the Small Business Owner, Combat Covid with Digital Transformation

Grow as a business while simultaneously making a difference in your community. You will reduce Covid pain, transforming it through digital. This for you a bottom-line increase while helping others and building good will.