Is there a Ray of Hope Beaming on NYC to Lower the Amount of Murders and Other Crimes?

Of course a city and a company are two very different things. And our new mayor is a former police officer which had many of us here in the Big Apple excited.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, crime has gotten worse by 20%. And as someone who lives in what is considered by some to be a rougher area in Manhattan, NYC, violence has definitely gotten worse even just a few blocks away.

Murders, robberies and more. And since New York is a city that Americans all across look at, it would be a good example set if NYC crime lowered. If a city could be saved, maybe a country could be as well. The important point to make though is that saving America would mean no more USA Divided.

Things have gotten worse in terms of crime here in NYC, so what is going wrong?

Maybe the solution to making things better would be to do more events in New York like the Platinum PIAs. happenings that made it clear that together we can make a difference here in NYC.

One of the things that some of us as New Yorker want to say is that we really had hoped that with a former police officer running the city that we would see a systematic getting rid of violence.

Meanwhile, as promised to someone I know well, I am going to switch gears now and move into entrepreneurship. But maybe we will not entirely leave the idea of business in NYC by thinking of running a city as running a business. Not a perfect fit as a metaphor, but not bad in some respects. For starters I would have liked to have heard that our new mayor had created a kind of business plan.

The first step of a business plan is outlining. This involves defining your company‚Äôs mission, vision, and values. Additionally, it’s important to consider your target market and competition. In this stage, you should also create short and long-term goals for the business.

The next step is research. To create an effective business plan, you need to do market research to better understand your target audience, the competition, and how the business will fit into the larger industry. Additionally, you’ll want to do financial research to determine the resources needed and the potential revenue that can be generated.

The final step is refinement. After doing the required research, you’ll need to refine your plan to ensure that it meets the needs of your business. This includes adjusting goals, budgets, and strategies to ensure that they are successful. Additionally, you’ll need to establish a timeline for each goal and evaluate potential risks.