Moving Forward

Save NYC Together? New York City is being saved by New Yorkers who contribute to the saving process by just being themselves and slowly coming out of COVID mode and engaging instead in the act of moving forward. And helping with this process is having a METHOD HOW to get the word out via the internet.

The Vanishing Symptoms

But things are not safe yet. There is still much more work to do. In the realm of COVID and the new variant I myself caught the virus a few weeks back. It was quite mild with really only a day of having full on symptoms and then it was just a matter of the cough and making the sore throat magically disappear.


And speaking of magic, there is magic that is happening hear in the city, in that there are good people out there who actually care about people. And that in and of itself is magic. Though, the concerns with public transportation are at high alert here in the city.

Subway Danger

In the opinion of many people who live here is that the subways are dangerous. Therefore the numbers are down regarding traveling underground. Above the ground, as in buses, are more safe but are practical only if you have a fairly short distance to travel.

Conscious Normalness

Otherwise, depending on where you live here in Manhattan, NYC, you may have more than one subway option to take and some trains are known to be more safe than others. But it is truly inspiring the way that there is an overall sense here in the Big Apple in neighborhoods and communities, that New Yorkers are consciously moving toward normalness.

Fear All Around

Though, there is also the element of the realization that although the new normal grows each day, there are still things of danger all around us which is sensed by others I have spoken with in the past month or two. In our neighborhood for example, there are still multiple shootings and murders that are occurring near us. But we keep using this METHOD HOW of communicating with you and others online.

Even in Broad Daylight

Except, mostly these incidents of violence take place in the wee hours of the night. But there are still stabbings and knifings in broad daylight. Last year at my child’s school there were shootings nearby. So extra precautions are being taken, with New Yorkers now keeping their antennas up, moving cautiously, especially in known danger zones. And yet, we still love New York!