Last night when I saw Eric Adams’ speech touching on the tragedy of police officers being shot, he literally said what we have known all along as being the true key. There is, as he put it, a need to:

“…Save New York together.”

A mission aligned with our own, and that of other New Yorkers which is:

Save NYC Together.”

Last night I, like so many other New Yorkers, became aware of the shooting of the police officers within around 3 hours after it happened. The scene of the shooting was literally a few stops on the subway from where I live.

Will this Be the Motivation Needed to Unite and Work Toward Ending this in Our City?

At long last, it seemed like a public figure was finally talking about the real and core need to “Save NYC Together” instead of the more external goal of getting Broadway back, so tourism returns.

I Can Relate

Restoring Broadway is a wonderful and vital idea, and over the years I have had friends and clients who performed in such shows, but of course there is the Pandemic, as well as…Well…Gun violence. Visitors do not want to vacation here if they do not feel it is safe.

A Number of New Yorkers Have Feelings of Sadness with a Drive to Change Things

My heart broke last night as I watched Adams and officers gathered, talking about what had happened. Much emotion was to be felt. Something seemed different this time in terms of the significance and injustice that had transpired. Our new Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell was riveting. She spoke from the heart, with great strength and resolve.

He was from Inwood, Manhattan

Today I read that Jason Rivera, age 22, from Precinct 32, who died last night from bullet wounds, was the son of immigrant parents and grew up in the neighborhood I live in now with my wife and our daughter.

In fact, it was said that the whole reason he joined the force in the first place was because of his experiences growing up here.

If You live i New York, this is Your Problem, this is All of Our Problem

This is happening in your NYC neighborhood too. It must be stopped.

Support the police. In New York let’s not be divided like America is now. Not here in our city.

As Mayor Adams put it last night:

“Save New York together against the killers of the officers. There is us and the killers. Us against the killers.”

Our hearts and prayers go out to the loved ones of the officers shot last night.

People of NYC unite.

time for taking back

Those who take the lives of others are not the stewards.

Time to save our city

New York is our place to live and not have the threat of guns.

Take Back