Updates on the Revolution Within

Learn from the “rearview mirror” but start afresh.

A Cause that is Building Momentum

We believe that all those who consider themselves New Yorkers and continue to do so, can all be a part of making a difference in New York City. If you would like to join the “Save NYC Together” mission, all that is required is that you be mindful of being a part of the “solution” and not the “problem.”

3 of Nearly 60 Blogs

Sadly, it is easy to become a part of the problem, by pointing out what is wrong with our beloved NYC without also providing suggestions or taking action steps to bring NYC t back to life. We are in synch with 3 of the nearly 60 blogs of the Blog Coalition. These sites include “USA Make a Difference”, “Over 50 USA” and “Home Business Achievers.”


It is our hope is that with publications like the 3 mentioned, New Yorkers can continue to grow their internal commitment and belief that NYC can rebound in a whole new way. Some say that “you are what you think” and we believe this to be true due to the fact that studies have shown that just having a positive outlook about something can make all the difference.