Oops, Starting with a Downer

About a week ago on this site, we gave our viewpoint on how things are going in terms of being able to Save NYC Together. And overall, things are really going quite well. Violence is still a big one, and in some ways, especially in our Manhattan neighborhood, there are fairly frequent shootings some of which are murders.

Switching to a More Upbeat Topic: Using a Company Campaign Weekly

But not to stay on that route but rather to bring light into the room, the terrific news is that things are in a upswing, including the METHOD HOW to Create and Use a Digital Company Campaign.

Use the Secret Weapon that Politicians do to Get Elected

The cool thing about Company Campaigns is that we can use them to get the word out to others regarding how things are going in the Big Apple as well as welcoming other New Yorkers to be a part of those who read this website. Of course anyone from all over the USA and beyond is welcome too!

“Lights Camera Read” Originally a New York Public Library Project is Now Everyone!

It has in it a lot of useful stuff like a METHOD HOW to develop a live event. The topic of using a Company Campaign for a good cause is an important one.

Using a Company Campaign Weekly and at the Very Least Monthly

Needless to say it is vital to do updating of your site. We do not always do what we preach though. Soon the Blog Coalition will have seventy two sites! Seriously. That is a lot of sites to update! We definitely bit off more than we can chew, and are currently working toward finding a solution.

Get Your Secret How to use Weekly Company Campaigns to have a Thriving Company of Your Own!

A solution you could have is the Secret How to promote your company using a new Company Campaign weekly. This is not a sales pitch. The cost is zero to those who have a Company in Need due to COVID, inflation, USA Divided and much more.