Which Way to Go in NYC?

Grit Your Teeth if You Live in Manhattan

Yes, of course we can save New York City. But it is not going to be the original New York that we all knew and loved. Broadway Theater will be different, the Arts Scene will change, as well as will the personal definition of being a New Yorker. For those of us who do not have the money to be able to have a second home somewhere else, we are in the unique position of facing straight up how we will group together, grit our teeth, and together bring this city back to life.

Closing Down

Having recently been recently in Time Square, near where my wife and I lived on 42nd Street, things have indeed changed. One can look at the recent dropping of the ball ceremony for ushering in the New Year and see how things have shifted there. We live further uptown now but have great nostalgia for how we used to have to fight our way through the numerous tourists who slowed down the walking traffic. They would literally stop and look up. If only Manhattan, NY had the draw it once had. The 5 star hotels are empty, some lybraries are closing down, and all 5 boroughs are being impacted.

Charter Schools

Another big change is in schools. Many of the public schools are still offering remote learning as a choice even though some institutions are now providing in-person education. Thank goodness for charter schools which are open to New York kids. Although on certain television programs they are talking about the harm that distance learning has on young people, the fact is that our 12 year old daughter is thriving in terms of her experience of being a part of a remote charter school community.


There is also COVID-19 and its new incarnations which are driving people indoors. As a family, we have not ventured out together more than a few times in the last 10 months. We documented our first 100 days in an online diary/blog. In many ways the Coronavirus is more deadly than it was back then. Though, vaccines are being developed and are available at the time of this writing, to seniors and front line workers.

Stay Safe

So this is a message to those of us who are still living in the city. Let’s not forget what our beautiful city used to be, but also accept that the new NYC will be very different than the old one. The experiences we have been going through due to COVID and other triggers, are destined to have a long term difference even after the Pandemic ends. Communicate with your neighbors both online and off. Stay safe as we Save NYC Together!